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Timber entrance doors will always have an exclusive look and feel to them. Utilising this material for the entrance of your home will create outstanding kerb appeal and create a wow factor upon entering the property. As with all our timber glazing products, our timber entrance doors can be manufactured completely bespoke, so they are personalised to meet your requirements. 

Our timber entrance doors are available in a huge range of styles and finishes, from traditional styles through to contemporary designs. All timber entrance doors from Belgravia Windows and Doors have several coats of paint applied to the surface to achieve a premium finish to the door. With a wide choice of ironmongery and door knockers available, you can achieve the exact requirements for your bespoke entrance door.

Timber Entrance Doors...

  1. are designed with heavy duty hinged and locking mechanisms
  2. are perfect for modern or heritage buildings
  3. are available in a range of designs
  4. offer outstanding levels of security
Brown casement door

Timber Species

Our timber entrance doors are available to be made from any of the three below timbers:

Engineered Hardwood

Our engineered hardwood is extremely robust and offers a long life expectancy.


Accoya is expertly treated to create an extremely hard wood, even harder than Oak. It carries an elongated warranty of 25 years.


A beautiful timber species which offers an elegant pattern. Is available painted but we recommend lacquer to make the most of the timber pattern

Read more about our timber selection here

Timber Finishes

The finish of an entrance door is an important aspect of the design, as when the door is finished correctly it will add many years to the life span of the door. The technology that goes into modern paints for timber means that when it’s applied correctly the water from the water-based paint evaporates to leave a highly durable and protective plastic layer behind.

Paint technology, when applied correctly, gives your bespoke timber entrance doors longevity, durability and a beautiful aesthetic.

At Belgravia Windows and Doors we have a larger selection of paints and stains for you to choose from to create your prefect finish. You can see all your options at our showroom in Amersham, simply call us to arrange a showroom visit.

Glass Options

Our entrance doors are all manufactured bespoke and therefore can be designed with or without glazing included in the design. If glass is desired, we can include double or triple glazing within the design to meet your project requirements.

The glazing can have a range of technical glass finishes including sandblasting and coloured interlayers.


Belgravia Windows and Doors entrance doors are manufactured with a wide choice of ironmongery options, letter boxes and door knockers for your bespoke design. From minimalistic styles to traditional heritage styles you can find the perfect ironmongery for your desired finish.


Timber entrance doors from Belgravia Windows and Doors are manufactured to Pass24 security ratings to offer a high-performance timber solution to the entrance of properties.


Door Cill Options


Hand crafted door cills made from the same timber as your entrance door installation.


This is the latest advance in door cill technology. The robust door cill works seamlessly with a timber entrance door installation but offers unparalleled life expectancy and durability.

Find out more about our door cill options here

Cleaning & Maintenance

Each timber Entrance Door is manufactured to the highest quality for minimal maintenance requirements, however from time to time the timber and finish of the timber entrance door will need to be maintained.

To clean the surface of the timber entrance door, simply use warm water with a gentle detergent to clean away any dirt and deposits that may have built up on the surface of the timber. This will refresh the finish of the timber and will allow you to check for any damage or exposed timber that needs to be resealed or repainted. If the timber needs to be repainted, Belgravia Windows and Doors can advise you on the best way to do this, just contact our aftercare team who will be happy to help.

Read our ‘Maintenance of Timber’ page for more information.

Installation & Fitting

All of our hardwood timber entrance doors can be installed by our expert team. They are skilled in the art of installing bespoke timber entrance doors and give each project the expert time and attention it deserves.

Our installation team can take charge of the entire door replacement or installation process, including removal of the existing door, installation of the new door and ‘making good’ on the surrounding finishes when complete.

bespoke wooden windows and doors


How much do timber entrance doors cost?

Timber entrance doors are at a higher price point than uPVC doors, but in the longer term the timber doors are more cost effective due to their durability and longevity. The bespoke nature of all our timber entrance doors means that it isn’t possible to provide a cost, costs are provided on a project by project basis.

Do I need to hire someone to install the timber entrance door for me?

No, Belgravia Windows and Doors provide full installation as part of our full package service. We design, manufacture and install all your timber glazing products.

How often will my timber entrance door require redecoration?

This depends on the finish you choose, but we tend to say that redecoration will be required after approximately 4 years (depending on the climate and exposure to harsh weather conditions).

When redecoration is required, it should be a simple process of cleaning the door and applying one coat of paint to the surface. For more information about timber maintenance, you can read our Maintence of Timber page.

With years of experience in the supply and installation of timber framed windows and doors we can offer a tailored service to each client. Whether you are a homeowner or an architect; our experienced team can help advise on the best solution for your project.