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Timber casement windows are a traditional design that look elegant in both new and older properties. As one of the oldest building materials, wood offers natural beauty and competitive performance. The broad selection of wood species, stains and finishes available means that you are sure to find the style that works beautifully with your project.

Our hand-crafted casement windows are all designed and finished by hand to create “one-of-a-kind” look that can be appreciated for decades.

Timber is a popular choice for casement windows as it has unmatched character and it’s a renewable resource, so it’s better for the environment and it’s fully recyclable. The naturally insulating properties that wood has is further enhanced when paired with highly insulating glass units (double or triple glazed as required).

Timber Casement Windows...

  1. come in dozens of wood species and finishes
  2. can include double or triple glazing
  3. excellent acoustic and thermal insulation
  4. suitable for listed and heritage properties  

Timber Species

Our timber casement windows are available to be designed and manufactured using the following timber options:

Engineered Hardwood

Exotic hardwood species that boast impressive resistance against hard weather, shrinkage, bending and swelling. The surface of the wood is exceptionally elegant and is often chosen for its beauty, it can look outstanding with just a transparent paint.


An exceptional modified timber with Class 1 durability for integral strength and a fine textured surface for optimal coating absorption. The development of this wood has reduced shrinkage by 25% for improved stability and it possesses rot resistant properties for a strong barrier against the elements.


Known for its impressive strength and durability Oak creates long-lasting designs. The much-loved native British tree is renowned among British architecture and can still be seen in many heritage properties that’s survived for hundreds of years.

Read more about our timber selection here

Timber Finishes

Timber casement windows are a popular product that are seen more and more in modern architecture thanks to the advanced finishes and sustainability benefits they possess. High-performance timber finishes provide the timber with maximum life span while also helping to preserve the aesthetics for longer.

Belgravia Windows and Doors offer various stains, paint finishes and oils to deliver a finish that suits the architectural design while offering high quality protection to the timber. Our coatings protect the timber from moisture ingress, damage from UV light and harsh temperatures.

Glass Options

Our timber casement windows are manufactures with double glazing as standard. The typical glazing specification is 4mm toughened pane, with a 16mm argon gas filling and a 4mm toughened pane with a low e coating.

These extremely well insulating timber windows can achieve a Ug value of 1.1 W/m²K. For enhance thermal performance, triple glazing can also be specified on these casement windows when required.

There are also additional glass options available such as solar control coatings, decorative glass, translucent glass, low iron glass and low maintenance glass.


The finishing touch to any timber casement window is the ironmongery that is chosen to complement the design. The finishing touch is completely your choice but our team can offer guidance and advice if required.

We have a range of traditional and modern ironmongery options, in a selection of colours and metals. To see our ironmongery options in person, you can arrange a visit to our showroom where you can see and physically handle each option. To book a showroom visit simply call us and one of our advisors will be able to arrange your appointment.


Glazing Bars

All our timber windows are available with glazing bars, or muntin, to create a traditional appearance. The glazing bars can be integrated within your bespoke timber windows in a choice of styles. The glazing bar styles we offer are:


Elegantly crafted timber glazing bar with a traditional British Architecture aesthetic


Minimalistic and elegant for a sophisticated look


A completely unique glazing bar design that is manufactured to meet your design requirements

Find out more about our glazing bar designs here


Beautifully designed timber casement windows can enhance the aesthetics of a property, but security is equally as important as aesthetics.  We manufacture our timber casement windows using the finest timber species and manufacturing techniques to achieve impressive durability and security values.

Each timber casement window is manufactured bespoke to the design requirements of each project. This means that the level of security changes depending on the glazing specification and the configuration of the window. We can provide you with a more accurate security rating based on your design requirements, simply contact us and we can discuss your requirements with you.

Window Cill Options


Using the same timber as your windows, we can create flush cills that are painted to match your casement windows for a cohesive finish.


This is a new advancement in window cill manufacture that creates a sophisticated and high efficient finish to casement window installations.

Find out more about our window cill options here

Cleaning & Maintenance

Modern timber windows do not require as much maintenance as it’s often believed. The improved construction methods and the development in wood species results in better exterior sealing and finishing. Timber glazing profiles today are highly durable and only require cleaning and refinishing a few times across the years.

During the manufacture process, our team take extreme care to manufacture the casement windows will high levels of precision for optimum protection against the elements. Our finishing process then seals the wood for impressive weather protection and to significantly reduce the risk of rot and movement of the timber.

Installation & Fitting

At Belgravia Windows and Doors, we take charge of the whole process from design through to manufacture and installation. Our team will hand-craft your glazing products and will then hand install them for the perfect finishing touch to your architectural design.

Our installation team look after the removal of existing windows and install the new windows, giving each project the amount of time and level of care they deserve. Once the glazing is installed the team them ensure all the surrounding finishes are fully sealed.

bespoke wooden windows and doors


Where can I see the timber casement windows in person?

You can see our timber casement windows in person at our showroom in the Sky House Design Centre, Amersham. We have a large display of products on show here so you can see the configurations, timber and finishing options at an early stage of the project.

Will Belgravia Windows and Doors install the timber casement windows?

We offer a full design, manufacture and installation package when you place and order with us. When your project site is ready for the timber glazing to be installed our installation team will provide an efficient and stress-free installation.

What are the lead times for timber framed casement windows?

The lead time is project specific as each product is manufactured bespoke and as part of a full glazing package. To get an accurate lead time, speak to a member of our team when discussing the design of the products during the initial stages.

With years of experience in the supply and installation of timber framed windows and doors we can offer a tailored service to each client. Whether you are a homeowner or an architect; our experienced team can help advise on the best solution for your project.