Oak Timber Finishes

Solid oak window and door frames create the ultimate luxurious finish to any glazing. Not only that, but timber frames are highly thermally efficient, creating modern and energy efficient homes. Oak has a unique strength and inherent hardness that makes it ideal for use in external building structures, doors and window frames. When selecting materials for projects with planning restrictions, oak is a very good choice, being suitable for country homes and heritage buildings that require high-performance frames that seamlessly blend with the traditional brick or stonework. 

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Oak is an attractive choice of solid wood, as it doesn’t require any polishing or paint top-ups. However, it does still need regular maintenance in the form of straightforward cleaning and applying oil finishes to prevent any water from being absorbed into the frames. Lindseed oil is a very effective and simple oil that sets to create a barrier between the wood and the elements. 

It is recommended that you inspect and oil your frames before the harsher winter weather sets in each year.

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With years of experience in the supply and installation of timber framed windows and doors we can offer a tailored service to each client. Whether you are a homeowner or an architect; our experienced team can help advise on the best solution for your project.