Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is long-lasting, moisture resistant, less prone to expansion and contraction, and boasts the same high quality finish of solid wood doors and windows. This modern construction method involves an engineered core, with solid wood top layers on either side to produce a genuine timber feel and quality. Modern engineered hardwood methods have evolved to produce a premium product that shares many of the benefits of using solid wood frames, without the higher price tag. 


What are the main components of engineered hardwood?

Engineered hardwood has been carefully designed and built from two main components – a core board base layer bonded to the top hardwood layer. The core section is made from a series of laminated layers of carefully engineered materials and plies of wood, that remain stable when exposed to moisture and heat, providing additional strength when compared to solid wood alone. There are various different layers that can be used as the core board section of the engineered wood. 


Advantages of engineered wood

Engineered hardwood offers a number of advantages over opting for solid wood doors and windows. 

One issue with solid hardwood is that it is particularly vulnerable to changes in humidity and temperature, causing door and window frames to warp or lose shape. In contrast, the multi-layered structure of engineered timber means these environmental stresses are evenly distributed over the surface of the timber frames, producing a much stronger and more stable product.

On top of this, the use of highly insulating materials in the engineered core means that this brand of timber frame offers a much higher thermal insulation than doors and windows made from solid wood.


Engineered hardwood is a low maintenance timber product. It doesn’t require the regular sanding, painting or staining that would normally have to be done for solid wood. To keep your engineered timber frames in optimum condition, make sure to give them an occasional inspection and wipe clean.

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Is engineered hardwood a long-lasting timber solution? 
Because engineered hardwood is manufactured by gluing together multiple criss-crossing layers, the core is able to withstand much higher levels of environmental stress, creating an extremely long-lasting and hard wearing timber solution. 

How resistant is engineered hardwood to moisture? 
The engineered core is able to withstand a much higher level of humidity and moisture, meaning that these types of doors don’t warp and distort over time in the same way that solid wood frames do.  


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