Accoya Timber Frames

Accoya® has become the industry standard timber when it comes to durability and performance. Surprisingly, it isn’t actually a species of timber – rather, an industry-leading timber enhancing technology. Accoya refers to the process that helps enhance the durability and lifespan of fast-growing softwood pine, allowing it to take on the characteristics of a hardwood species. 

In fact, Accoya can even exceed the durability and aesthetics of premium tropical hardwood – the strengthening process renders it rot-resistant without any extra coatings or protection, suitable for use in a whole range of hot, cold and humid climates. This makes it a perfect material for long-lasting timber door and window frames. 


The Accoya strengthening process is otherwise known as wood acetylation. This process is achieved by applying a chemical called acetic anhydride to the harvested softwood, which changes the chemical structure of the wood, making it much less absorbent. In turn, this prevents any visible swelling or distortion, even when used in very wet or humid climates. It also means that insects and fungi no longer recognise the wood as a potential food source, keeping it free from rot and pests.

This dramatically extends the life expectancy and durability of the treated timber – even when used in high humidity environments such as bathrooms, or when exposed to frequent rain and harsh weather. And because the process treats the wood from the very core outwards, Accoya can be cut and shaped in any number of ways without impacting its new long-lasting capabilities.


Thanks to its enhanced durability, Accoya finishes and coatings have an increased lifespan and appear more vibrant when compared to regular timber finishes. Coatings are also very low maintenance, saving time and money for a reduced upkeep.

This also allows for a huge range in the aesthetic of the final finish – including different textures such as smooth or brushed looks.

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